Coast Seafood & Grill
地址: 香港銅鑼灣Fashion Walk加寧街9-11號地下C舖
客戶: 景樂集團
完成日期: 2015
座位數目: 127
菜式: 西菜
照片來源: 景樂集團, Enguerran Ouvray


Our dedicated team of experienced designers provides outstanding client service from initial design brief and feasibility studies through to detail design and construction management.

The unique insight and design solutions we offer are a reflection of years of experience and expertise delivering successful projects for our clients. We pride ourselves on our personalised design process, working closely with each client to gain an in-depth understanding of their business goals as well as design aspirations, and finding the perfect balance. The resulting spaces successfully serve both the client and the end user; delivering outstanding designs that are functional, comfortable and of course, memorable.